During the hours between 11:30 PM and 8:00 AM – while attempting to wrap my head around the development process of a WordPress Plugin – I found myself developing this fun, yet semi-useless, plugin that allows for the on-the-fly translation of plain text into “leet speak.”


Translation of a post’s text into leet speak can be accomplished by using one of the following methods.

With the first approach one can target specific parts of their post and translate them using the [leet] and [/leet] tags.

The second method allows for the translation of an entire post into leet speak by setting a Custom Field of leet = 1.


Here are just a couple examples…

  • Open => 0|*3/\/
  • Apple => @|*|*13
  • This is an example. => 7]-[!5 !5 @/\/ 3><@|V||*13.

and, of course, Leet => 1337

Administration Panel

I’ve taken advantage of WordPress’ core wp-option form creator/handlers to bring this plugin one step further by making each character fully customizable. I’ve also included “suggestions” with some of the most common alpha character to leet speak conversions.

Leet-Speak Plug-In Administration Panel

More Information

As it turns out there are many different leet speak character translations; For more information check out the Leet Speak Wikipedia Article.


This plugin is released under the New-BSD License.


The source code is available to anyone at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/leet-speak.

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