November 19, 2014

Announcing the next release of WordPress Domain Changer – version 2.0!

This release marks the completion of a total rewrite that brings an updated user interface, improved stability, fine-grained control, improved testing, and a few bug fixes.

Redesigned UI & Workflow

Precise Control

The ability to specify database tables has finally arrived!

Safety Net

A Preview & Confirm step has been added in order to help make the domain change process a bit more user-friendly.

Integration Testing

Verifying that WPDC works with every supported version of WordPress would be a slow and tedious process if done by hand. Integration testing to the rescue…

Running RSpec/Capybara suite...

Change Domain of WordPress 2.0.4
  Drop WordPress database
  Create WordPress database
  Unzip WordPress archive
  Start a PHP web server for the OLD domain
  Run through WordPress configuration setup script
  Run through WordPress installation script
  Ensure WordPress site can be reach at OLD domain
  Ensure WordPress site only references the OLD domain
  Install WordPress-Domain-Changer into the root directory of the WordPress site
  Change the URL of the WordPress site using WordPress-Domain-Changer
  Start a different PHP web server for the NEW domain
  Ensure the WordPress site can be reached at the NEW domain
  Ensure the WordPress site only references the NEW domain

Change Domain of WordPress 2.0.5
  Drop WordPress database...

... ( continues up to the latest WordPress release ) ...

Finished in 8 minutes 32 seconds (files took 0.62827 seconds to load)

Continuous Integration

Travis CI has been implemented in order to support the aforementioned testing efforts. Changes pushed to Github will automatically trigger a Travis Build, which verifies that both the unit and integration tests are still passing.

Travis is currently reporting WPDC’s status as – Build Status

Odds & Ends

  • Improvement - All WordPress versions between 2.0.4 and 4.0.0 are officially supported.
  • Improvement - Multi-byte characters support has been added.
  • Bug Fix - Multiple inconsistencies were found in the find & replace logic used for PHP Serialized strings. This logic was rewritten using a more simplistic approach.

See the Change Log for a complete list of changes.


WordPress Domain Changer’s code is released under the New-BSD License.


The source code and usage instructions are available at

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